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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Metropolitan and its member agencies have long been leaders in water conservation, which continues to be a key component in water resource management in Southern California.

Water-use efficiency is encouraged with financial incentives such as rebates and tiered-pricing structure, outreach and education programs, research and development of new technologies, and support for new plumbing codes other regulations that facilitate water-saving programs.

In 2009, at the urging of Metropolitan and its member agencies, the California Legislature mandated urban retail water providers achieve a 20 percent per-capita reduction in water use by the year 2020. To meet this goal, Metropolitan's Board of Directors adopted a Long-Term Conservation Plan , developed in collaboration with its member agencies, retail agencies and other stakeholders. The plan outlines goals and strategies to reduce per capita water use through conservation and water use efficiency. It seeks to create lasting changes in consumer values, behaviors and preferences for water-efficient technologies, processes, services and design approaches.

Metropolitan's conservation programs focus on two main areas: residential and commercial water use.


Within the residential conservation program there are two targeted efforts: SoCalWater$mart for residential customers and programs implemented by member agencies.
Some of the examples of water-saving devices and programs that contribute to conservation include:

•High-efficiency clothes washers
•Turf removal/replacement with lower water-use plants
•High-efficiency toilets
•Irrigation evaluations and residential surveys
•Rotating nozzles for sprinklers
•Weather-based irrigation controllers


Metropolitan's commercial programs provide rebates to businesses and institutions for water-saving device replacements. Similar to the residential conservation program, there are two targeted efforts: Save Water, Save A Buck  and member agency commercial programs.

Examples of water-saving devices and equipment used in the commercial sector include:
  • Connectionless food steamer
  • Cooling tower conductivity meter
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • High-efficiency toilet
  • High-efficiency urinal
  • Large rotors – high-efficiency nozzle
  • Multi-steam rotating nozzles
  • pH cooling tower controller
  • synthetic turf
  • Turf removal
  • Ultra-low-flush urinals
  • Water broom
  • Weather-based irrigation controller
  • Zero water urinal
In addition to residential and commercial rebates, Metropolitan provides incentives for ongoing research and for innovations in water use efficiency.

Regional Progress Report: Achievements in Conservation, Recycling and Groundwater Recharge