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New Delta Conveyance

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Fact Sheet:

5 Reasons
to Invest in a Delta conveyance project

Earthquakes, drought, replenishing groundwater basins… a project to modernize Delta conveyance addresses current and future water needs of Southern California. Learn more about why this project is a necessary solution for meeting our ever increasing water demands.

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Metropolitan statement
on new single-tunnel
Delta conveyance project

"Governor Newsom and Natural Resources Secretary Crowfoot recognize that the status quo in the Delta is simply not an option. New conveyance is essential." - Jeffrey Kightlinger, Metropolitan General Manager

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Opportunities for Contractors

Contractors interested on working on the Delta conveyance project can now access bid opportunities from the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority, the agency responsible for the design, construction and delivery of the project.

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When the Levee Breaks:

Cascading failures in the Sacramento-
San Joaquin River Delta, California

"If we suffer a catastrophic failure of our water distribution system due to an earthquake in the Delta before we act, history will not judge our political and engineering leaders kindly. The threat is real, and the science refutes those who would deny it. We must act." - Jonathan Stewart, Ph.D., UCLA professor of geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, and engineering seismology

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About 30 percent of Southern California’s water comes from Northern California via the State Water Project. But aging infrastructure and the declining health of the Delta ecosystem threaten the reliable delivery of water supplies to Southern California. Modernizing the Delta conveyance system will strengthen the state’s water transportation infrastructure and improve conditions for the Delta’s wildlife.

Water projects require vision, leadership, and thoughtful and deliberate decisions, because they take a long time. We have to be visionaries and advance that vision together... because together we are so much stronger than we are apart.

- Gloria Gray, Metropolitan Board Chairwoman


The materials below are designed to educate and inform Southern Californians on the Delta conveyance project.


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