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The San Diego County Water Authority is engaged in a major outreach campaign that mischaracterizes Metropolitan's financial practices.  This is occurring as the Water Authority is pursuing a series of lawsuits against the District and spending millions of dollars of ratepayer money to attack Metropolitan's solid track record on:

  • Water conservation and sustainability accomplishments

  • Successful water management during the historic five-year drought

  • Strategic investments and comprehensive planning to meet future water needs for Southern California

  • Solid financial management, low debt load and high credit rating

Earlier this year, the Water Authority began writing letters to local officials outside of its own service area and making presentations to organizations that contain incorrect information and misrepresentations about Metropolitan's investments and financial practices.  These letters also omit how the Water Authority lawsuits could shift significant costs to other ratepayers in our service area and limit Metropolitan's ability to advance conservation programs and develop local water supplies to me​et future needs in the region.


The following materials respond to those inaccurate allegations about Metropolitan's financial practices.

The latest:


The Court of Appeal Ruling

On Sept. 27, 2017, the California Supreme Court denied San Diego County Water Authority’s Petition for Review in the rate litigation, declining to consider the Court of Appeal’s June 2017 decision. The Court of Appeal’s decision is therefore final.

The 2010 and 2012 cases will now be returned to the trial court for a redetermination of damages, interest, and attorneys' fees, including the question of whether there is a "prevailing party" entitled to fees, as ordered by the Court of Appeal.

Litigation Results Fact Sheet 

Metropolitan's Statements:​

Metropolitan Water District General Manager Issues Statement After State Supreme Court Denies San Diego's Petition to Review Rate Decision, Sept. 27

Metropolitan Water District General Manager Issues Statement on San Diego County Water Authority Litigation, June 21

More information:

Court of Appeal's June Decision

Court of Appeal Order Modifying Opinion and Denying SDCWA Petition for Rehearing

California Supreme Court Disposition Denying SDCWA Petition for Review​  



MWD Statements


Fact Sheets

Metropolitan Water District’s Response to San Diego County Water Authority Lawsuits