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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

​Community Partnering Program

Application Guidelines

There are two parts to the application process;

1. The Online Application.

2. Forward information requested below.

The entire completed packet must be submitted before formal review. The following hard copies must be e-mailed to the Community Partnering Program staff at


Required Application Checklist :

If a permit is required, enclose copy of authorized document (city, county, state, federal).

Note: Metropolitan will contact your member agency water supplier for an application review.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having problems, who do I call?

For questions about the Community Partnering Program please contact at (213)217-6619.

It appears I must apply online. Can I just get a hard copy, fill it out and mail it in?

No, ONLY online applications are accepted.

Are there any other online restrictions?

Yes.  Currently, applications are ONLY accepted using the Internet Explorer 4 web browser and higher. The CPP application software does NOT accept applications submitted through Firefox, Chrome, Safari or other web browsers. Submissions cannot be made on an Apple computer.

How can I make changes to the application?

You can access your application after registering with a username and password. Once the SUBMIT button has been hit, however, you may NOT access it anymore. It will be available as a READ ONLY document for printing purposes.

What if my organization is outside of Metropolitan’s six-county service area?

While priority is given to those applicants within our six-county service area, on occasion, applications outside the service area that address Metropolitan's mission statement and promote our regional priorities, such as water reliability, water quality, water conservation or water-use efficiency, may be approved.

When are sponsorship funds disbursed?

Upon completion of all forms, the application goes through a management review process. If approved, funds will be disbursed within two to four weeks.


How often may I apply?

Applicants may apply once every fiscal year (July-June).

After receiving a sponsorship award, what if changes must be made to our program?

Any substantive changes from the awarded sponsorship, including event date changes, must be approved in writing by Conservation & Community Services Manager, Yvette Martinez at (213)217-7707

What do I do after the program/project is completed?

A CPP Recipient Fulfillment Report is provided to the applicant when the funds are awarded. At the completion of the program/project event/activity, a signed CPP Recipient Fulfillment Report must be mailed in. Failure to complete and return this form may affect future sponsorships. Funded activities are tracked to ensure compliance.

Are consecutive year sponsorships permitted?

Yes, however, repeat applicants seeking sponsorship of the same program/project will be evaluated on the previous year's Recipient Fulfillment Report and results of that sponsorship.  Metropolitan does not guarantee consecutive-year sponsorships.


Kevin McLaughlin
(213) 217-6619

Please forward
complete and
signed documents to:

Metropolitan Water
District of Southern

Community Partnering Program
P.O. Box 54153
Los Angeles, CA 90054-00153

Steet Address:
700 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Application Guidelines